Es gibt wohl keine große Idee auf Erden,
die nicht in den ersten Tagen Ihrer Zeit als Wahnsinn galt.
(Karl May)
netPBX - telephony for us

In the beginning there was only a "talk" on a UNIX console running across a 1200 Baud modem connection. Soon thereafter followed Netmeeting 1.0 transmitting hardly recognizable words via Internet to the receiving station across the street. Although the H.323 protocol may exist since 1996, it's been quite some journey to free calling.

The Asterisk Linux Telephony system has aided us a great deal, ever since 2002 in order to put this idea into reality.
Many thanks and appretiation to all the telephone freaks involved in its development! By now we have different legacy PBXs, VoIP adapters, and even stone-aged Cisco phones "talking" to oneanother.

Chris &  Alex

  by Gaussdivision